About us

The aim of the awards is to recognize unsung heroes, stand-out engineering achievements, exceptional marshals, exciting commentators, companies, race tracks, teams, riders and drivers that make motorsport as great as it is.

Last year’s awards were a great success raising awareness of amazing achievements, people and companies as well as recognizing great riders, teams and drivers

The Schedule for the 2019 awards is

  • Nominations Open Monday 7th October Midday
  • Nominations Close Thursday 31st October 8pm
  • Finals vote opens Monday 4th November Midday
  • Finals vote closes Monday 9th December 6pm
  • Grand Final Awards Ceremony – Sunday 15th December 4pm

The Grand Final of our Awards will be an online stream which you can watch live on this site, on our social media channels and on our official broadcast partner Motorsport Radio’s social media channels.

This year, we are making it easier to get involved and send in nominations and also to vote in the final. You don’t need an account to cast your vote, if you do join the site we wont ask you to verify your name and email every time, and you can go back and keep track of all your previous votes.

The Rules

We don’t like to have too many rules, but to keep things as fair as possible for everybody, we are restricting everybody to 1 vote in each category. Your IP address will be registered against your vote.

Our panel of judges will have the last say over who makes the shortlist for the final voting phase, however in 99% of categories it will be a purely public vote that decides.

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